PESALIA, as a Group leader in the field of weighing scales have an automatic luggage weight machine for public use. The preferred location for this tool would be next to the luggage room or in the lobby, and it is addressed to tourists.

The nº 820/2008 EC Regulation establish air force security standards. As a general rule, most airlines established a maximum luggage weight according to the price of the ticket purchased.

This last years, all airlines companies penalized overweight baggage between 5 and 12 Euros per kilo exceeded (for details see air fares), it is recommended to weight the bag and distributed the weight before going to the airport.

Therefore, we propose two exploitation models:

a.- Shared exploitation, we leave the machine in storage and share collection.
b.- Sale, the machine becomes to your propriety with a maintenance contract.

The benefits of the installation of this machines are the following ones:

A major benefit to the collection ( per heavy charged 1 Euros)
The customer are going to be more satisfied with the service.

The customer provides the following benefits:

Provide customer service.
Save excess baggage costs.
Eliminate the problems of redistribution of luggage at the airport.
Avoids flights delays or losses.
Know the luggage weight before arriving at the airport.

Our scales are also available in colors:
    - Blue
    - Black
    - Red bordeaux
Luggage weigher Scale         Luggage weigher Scale         Luggage weigher Scale
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